Singing since the age of 5 years old. Everywhere she went this young lady made her self heard. She stood out and you could see she was special. Her modeling career took a flight early on, as she was asked to model and perform on VH1’s Football Wives, by Chanita Campbell Foster. As a model, She has been represented by Kim Dawson Agency and The Lynette Group of Dallas. Nayah has been a featured model in JcPennys ads, Chanita Campbell Foster’s clothing lines, Merci-Belle, by Mercedes Nelson and a host of others. Nayah has worked with Jerry & Jackie Rice Entertainment as she performer in the group, “Breathe” which consisted of her and her two sisters. Nayah has performed musically on VH1, and various local and state to state stages. She has a unique voice, with a Pop and R&B sound. Working on her debut album, Nayah says her music is fun, upbeat and for the girls as she belts anthems like Beyonce, that you want to sing all day long. Nayah is an everyday girl, and she loves music, fashion and food. A senior in high school, College bound, she jokes she has been drafted into music. Dedicated to living out her dreams and letting other young girls know they can live their dreams too. Nayah is a role model in everyway, rooted in her faith. Nayah is a girls scout with her little sister Heaven, and their aunt Connie L Lindsey is the VP of Girl Scouts of America. Nayah spends time, helping her mom to promote a cure for Melomynoma a rare blood cancer that her uncle has, who is doing amazing. Nayah is currently working on her fashion line as well, and shoe line with her sisters. When asked what was her dream for her future, she responded: “I WILL BE HEARD”! “I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD WITH MY VOICE” & “I Will BE ICONIC”!

Website: http://www.iamnayah.com
Facebook: nayahstar, iamnayah, bemgroupp
Twitter: @_beautyknowsme , @bemgroupp
Youtube: bemgroupp


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